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Endura Mullet Sunglasses

Late September, what better time to feature a review of a pair of sunglasses? No? Well maybe I should justify it then; just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean there won’t be sunny days, the sun is lower in the sky so sunglasses are more important, these have light reactive lens so can be worn on dull days too? Still not convinced? Well I’m writing the review anyway so tough!

Continue reading “Endura Mullet Sunglasses”

Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season Tubeless Tyres 700x25c

I have a long ride coming up, 250 miles, in a single day.  I’ll post more about that in another dedicated post but for now I wanted to justify the purchasing of new tyres.  My current tyres are starting to get towards the end of their life, I will aim to eek out some extra miles from them later in the year but for the big ride I wanted some that were wider and newer.  So after much studying of the options I’ve decided to go for the Hutchinson Fusion 5 in the ‘All Season’ guise and in the 700x25c size. Continue reading “Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season Tubeless Tyres 700x25c”

Campagnolo Zonda 2-way fit wheelset

I have had this wheelset now for almost a year, so I felt that I ought to give my opinions on it.  Not exactly what you’d call a catchy opening line; but that’s all your getting today! Continue reading “Campagnolo Zonda 2-way fit wheelset”

Decathlon Geonaute Scale 300

I’ve been interested in buying a body composition scale for quite a while so when on a recent business trip to Scotland I stumbled across this one in Decathlon I decided to take the plunge. It outputs all the right measurements and at only £15.99 certainly won’t break the bank. Continue reading “Decathlon Geonaute Scale 300”

The World of Cycling According to G – Book Review

I’m breaking my mold a little with this one; I haven’t done anything close to a book review on here before. But I got this one for Christmas and now in February I’ve long since finished it and decided that it deserved at least a big mention on SpokeRevolutions. Continue reading “The World of Cycling According to G – Book Review”

Tenn Outdoors Crystalline Pro Waterproof Packable Jacket

I’ve always thought it strange that anyone would want to buy a clear jacket. They look a bit odd and why not have something coloured, grey or black? Then I had the pleasure of doing some racing last year including the Amateur Worlds in Denmark and realised that a jacket needed to be transparent so that your jersey colours and your race number would be visible from underneath. Suddenly it all becomes clear! Continue reading “Tenn Outdoors Crystalline Pro Waterproof Packable Jacket”

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