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One Year On – Reliability Trial 2016

Last year was a successful cycling year for me. Probably with my performance pinnacle being the Tour of Cambridgeshire. After the summer I seemed to gradually decline into winter. Is that normal?  Presumably a downturn into winter should be expected, the question is how much? This is a difficult question to answer when you don’t have years of comparative data to look back through. Continue reading “One Year On – Reliability Trial 2016”

Quite a year on the road – My 2015

As with all years I like to start off with some aims; some challenges. Something to achieve and something to also look forward to. Back in January I considered myself a bit of a beginner on the road; I hadn’t yet ridden 100 km in a single ride. So to sit here now thinking back over 2015 is pretty pleasing. Continue reading “Quite a year on the road – My 2015”

The UCI/UWCT Tour of Cambridgeshire

Some rides are just rides, others are focused training rides, still others are events or sportives. Some rides are significant to you because of the weather, some due to the company you ride with and others due to your personal performance. This ride surpassed all others on all fronts; BY FAR. Continue reading “The UCI/UWCT Tour of Cambridgeshire”

First “Cafe Stop” ride of the year.

Beautiful sunshine, warm spring Saturday morning and like minded company to ride with; ideal ingredients for a “Cafe Stop” ride. In this case not only my first of the year but also my first, full stop. Being new to the road riding scene stopping off at cafes mid-ride hasn’t been in my repertoire until now. Continue reading “First “Cafe Stop” ride of the year.”

Red sky in the morning…

This morning I decided to go for a ride local to home before starting work. A dawn ride, let’s call it. It’s quite nice when you reach the point where you can confidently reach forward and turn off your front light. Continue reading “Red sky in the morning…”

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