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New domain for the blog

If you’re a regular visitor here to this blog then as well as saying thanks. I’d also like to let you know that I have a new domain. You can now visit and find all of the content from this blog and all the new content that I’ll be adding.

Endura Mullet Sunglasses

Late September, what better time to feature a review of a pair of sunglasses? No? Well maybe I should justify it then; just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean there won’t be sunny days, the sun is lower in the sky so sunglasses are more important, these have light reactive lens so can be worn on dull days too? Still not convinced? Well I’m writing the review anyway so tough!

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Dartmoor Epic 2016, Day 2

With Day 1 complete and some 60 km ridden with around 1500m of climbing under our belts it was onto Day 2.  There were plenty of new trails to be ridden on this 2nd day along a new route that would take us to a tried and tested camping ground just north of Ivybridge. Continue reading “Dartmoor Epic 2016, Day 2”

Dartmoor Epic 2016, Day 3

The final day, Day 3. This is the day when the more tired want a direct route back, or maybe even one that skirts around the edges of the hills. They don’t so much care whether it’s still off-road or not as long as the climbs aren’t too technical. On the other hand, those with energy to spare and miles remaining in the legs quite fancy finishing off in style and not allowing the trek to fizzle out at the end. I won’t say who was in which category, you can make your own guesses!

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Norfolk 250 – The big one is in the bag!

With 160 miles as my previous biggest ride, 250 was quite a significant jump up.  But I was confident that I could do it, even if it meant waking at 2:05 in the morning!  So off went the alarm and up I jumped surprisingly awake and definitely ready for the day ahead.  I don’t know quite how I managed to be so sprightly at that time in the morning but it was a really good start.

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Taking on my biggest ride yet

“One day, 250 miles” it said; the Facebook post that is. Nope, that’s a step too far for me, I thought. However the more I considered the possibility the more I came to the conclusion that ‘It might just work’! So here I am, committed to completing a 250 mile ride within the confines of a single day.  The date; Friday 8th July in just under two weeks time. Continue reading “Taking on my biggest ride yet”

Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season Tubeless Tyres 700x25c

I have a long ride coming up, 250 miles, in a single day.  I’ll post more about that in another dedicated post but for now I wanted to justify the purchasing of new tyres.  My current tyres are starting to get towards the end of their life, I will aim to eek out some extra miles from them later in the year but for the big ride I wanted some that were wider and newer.  So after much studying of the options I’ve decided to go for the Hutchinson Fusion 5 in the ‘All Season’ guise and in the 700x25c size. Continue reading “Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season Tubeless Tyres 700x25c”

Exmouth and the Devon coastal hills – Salcombe Hill #12

I knew it was going to be a tough hill climb when I started feeling a little queasy, in fact I had to come to a complete stop and even had to take a moment to compose myself. And I hadn’t even arrived at the hill yet!
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How to patch a road tubeless tyre

I can hear it now – “I thought you didn’t get punctures with tubeless!”. Unfortunately this is not true. You get a whole lot fewer punctures and those that you do get are usually not disabling; so you can often complete your ride. But occasionally you get some bigger gashes, cuts and damage. And of course you can indeed patch them.
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Hunstanton Fish & Chip Ride 2016

Back in February I wrote about the Yaxley Riders Reliability Trial,  “One Year On – Reliability Trial 2016“.  It was my first repeat event and I felt rather pleased with my progress.  The Hunstanton Fish & Chip ride was my next ‘one year on’ repeat ride and again, it went well!

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Road Tubeless – My views (2016)

Tubeless tyre technology has become a huge thing in the mountain biking world. It arrived properly several years ago and has gone from strength to strength with a huge range of tubeless wheel & tyre options available today. I too joined in, as a relatively early adopter, with a self assembled wheelset based around Mavic XM-819 rims and paired them with some UST Schwalbe Nobby Nic tyres.  But what about road cycling? Continue reading “Road Tubeless – My views (2016)”

Decathlon Geonaute Scale 300

I’ve been interested in buying a body composition scale for quite a while so when on a recent business trip to Scotland I stumbled across this one in Decathlon I decided to take the plunge. It outputs all the right measurements and at only £15.99 certainly won’t break the bank. Continue reading “Decathlon Geonaute Scale 300”

A big tough Peak District road ride, with hills of course.

It started with a Facebook message. So many rides do these days. This one started “Going to the peaks on Saturday the 19th March….” and concluded with “…thinking 80/100 miles with lots of hills”. How could I resist, I had already planned a suitable route ages ago, I just needed a Saturday to deploy it into! Continue reading “A big tough Peak District road ride, with hills of course.”

Working in Scotland; riding in the North Pennines – Hills #59 & 62

Traveling down from Edinburgh many people would take a well advised break during the trip. It is 6 hours of driving after all, so stopping at Leeming Bar services for a Big Mac and fries is popular. I however, prefer to stop elsewhere and get in a few hills. Numbers 59 and 62 have now been added to my list! Continue reading “Working in Scotland; riding in the North Pennines – Hills #59 & 62”

One Year On – Reliability Trial 2016

Last year was a successful cycling year for me. Probably with my performance pinnacle being the Tour of Cambridgeshire. After the summer I seemed to gradually decline into winter. Is that normal?  Presumably a downturn into winter should be expected, the question is how much? This is a difficult question to answer when you don’t have years of comparative data to look back through. Continue reading “One Year On – Reliability Trial 2016”

The World of Cycling According to G – Book Review

I’m breaking my mold a little with this one; I haven’t done anything close to a book review on here before. But I got this one for Christmas and now in February I’ve long since finished it and decided that it deserved at least a big mention on SpokeRevolutions. Continue reading “The World of Cycling According to G – Book Review”

Tenn Outdoors Crystalline Pro Waterproof Packable Jacket

I’ve always thought it strange that anyone would want to buy a clear jacket. They look a bit odd and why not have something coloured, grey or black? Then I had the pleasure of doing some racing last year including the Amateur Worlds in Denmark and realised that a jacket needed to be transparent so that your jersey colours and your race number would be visible from underneath. Suddenly it all becomes clear! Continue reading “Tenn Outdoors Crystalline Pro Waterproof Packable Jacket”

A snowy conquest of Carlton Bank in the North York Moors

The 100 greatest UK cycling climbs are now dropping thick and fast. After dispensing with climbs #87 & #88 in North Wales two weeks earlier, this week I took on climb #58; Carlton Bank.  It may have been sub-zero with snow and ice on the roads and a wind that almost blew me up and over the wall but at least there was no hail this time. Continue reading “A snowy conquest of Carlton Bank in the North York Moors”

Welsh Winter Hill Climbing – #87 & #88

Not quite the wild welsh winter the title might conjure up in your mind; in fact due to the mild weather we’ve been having it was more wet than wintry. But it was still the opportunity that I needed, a visit to North Wales and a chance to conquer hills no. 87 and 88; aka ‘Pen Barra’ and ‘Moel Arthur’. Continue reading “Welsh Winter Hill Climbing – #87 & #88”

Quite a year on the road – My 2015

As with all years I like to start off with some aims; some challenges. Something to achieve and something to also look forward to. Back in January I considered myself a bit of a beginner on the road; I hadn’t yet ridden 100 km in a single ride. So to sit here now thinking back over 2015 is pretty pleasing. Continue reading “Quite a year on the road – My 2015”

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